Saturday, November 3, 2012


JR aka John Rose
Hip Hop Artist / Clean Lyricist Rapper
Takoma Park , MD 
Born in Washington DC and raised in Takoma Park MD.  JR knew music would be his passion at a very early age . It all started at age seven . He fell in love with the music growing up listening to Earth Wind and Fire , Bob Marley , Michael Jackson , Whitney Houston , Tupac , and much more . He was writing  poetry , singing , rapping , and songwriting at the early ages of his life . As a young man he has developed his craft more and learned how to produce and engineer music . Through all the adversity he has faced in his life at an early age music has kept him content and motivated to never give up and keep on going at pursuing his dream . He signed to DC Productions as his management team in June 2010 and is now signed with Indi Label from Wheaton MD Hot Track Records as of June 2012 . JR wont stop and hopes to sign with a major label by way of Hot Track Records and get a major record deal and share his passion with the world . His hit single " Cant Back Down " which is the theme song for the movie Bully Avengers is making major noise from the West Coast to the East Coast and in between . The movie is made to campaign to stop bullying and raise awareness of bullying which has become a major problem . JR is very humble , respectful , and passionate for his family , fans , and the music he creates . His dreams are becoming reality .

 JR the Golden Ticket - Signed to DC Productions on 6/1/2010 as his management . JR is currently one of the youngest members of DCP and is making major moves in the DMV area. He has been on over 300 stages since he has been with DCP and the numbers are growing . He has perfected his skills on the mic and learned to become a better artist and entertainer . JR is from East Takoma Park MD and represents the DMV to the fullest . He is currently signed to Hot Track Records as of 4/16/2012 . They are grooming him for a major record deal or distribution deal . JR's hit single Cant Back Down is featured in the Hollywood short movie Bully Avengers. This artist never stops delivering good clean lyrics to his fans . He is determined to make it to the top without using profanity in his songs and is very unique and clever with his word play . His music is for all ages and doesnt need to be radio edited . Become a fan of JR the Golden Ticket and come watch him perform at one of the many shows he has.
instagram: jrthefuture301

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