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GhostRayne who chose his Name from the expeiriences throughout his life , ( Ghost ) for all the loved ones he lost and ( Rayne ) for all the pain an suffering in the world . As a child he was stongly influenced by the streets , from selling drugs to stealing cars . He shortly learned after a tragic loss of his best friend Robert Luce that life is to short too waste time . Thats when he started takin his music more seriously , and used it as a way out . From early dj'ing to soon producing , and evuntually becoming a songwriter . From mixtapes to guest appearences on albums , GhostRayne has set a stragegic standard on underground hiphop . After 15 years , From his truely emotional tracks for the ladies , too his hood tracks for the streets , GhostRayne has never failed to please or forget where he's come from . Residing in the Secret City , born an raised , he also lives in Jacksonville Florida , his 2nd home . Strongly influenced by the Wu-Tang Clan ,Method Man , micheal jackson , guns & roses , jay-z , 50 cent , and rage against the machine , his love for exploring music , and the arts has consumed his life . GhostRayne , New Bedford , Secret City Massachussetts , (508)

GRIND CITY CARTEL brings the Artist "QUICK" to the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

Quick born and raised in Washington D.C South East. Quick was born on june 2, 1981 Gloria Wilder gave birth to Kenneth B Queen also known as Quick. Ever since my mother looked into my eyes and told me "You are going to be a STAR", I have always been on the path of Entertaining. Ever since I first watched Thriller by MJ may he R.I.P... I started to learn dance moves and steps at the age of 3. From that point I knew that Entertaining was my dream and goal in life, to be a Super Star in the Entertainment Business.I dedcided to take a new step in my career when I first herd Run D MC & Areosmith Walk this way, I was into being a rapper so It took me a long time to find my style and craft...There isn't another artist out today that is compared to me,but I do have a lot of artist that I am fan of also I support Music and Hip-Hop. Since 2010 Quick has networked with Gino574, MarnieSide,M-Eighty,LeadAlliance, also worjed with some heavy unsigned producers such as Kajmir Royale,Vybe Beats, Deaf Boy,Lexi Banks,Johnny Juliano,Flash Beats. I have headlined with Platnium Recording Artist Ron Browz, Performed at Club One in Baltimore Maryland twice. My debute mixtape "Ladies Night" is going to be released this summer of 2011 following up with my debute album "Ladies Night" & My solo debute EP Album titled "Enough Said" so be on the look out for those. I have been down the long road to success and still going, but not alone. I am 1/3 member/partner of GRINDCITY CARTEL and my brothers/partners are GINO574, MARNIESIDE. When I linked up with GINO & MARNIE I knew that our team was offical, us three together isn't a force to be messing with cause we all bring somthing new/hot/ and fresh to the table which I call the Cartel Spell. The Ingredients are 1/3 WestCoast 1/3 MidWest & 1/3 EastCoast to TOP it Off with a Bomb called M-Eighty, then you take all your ingredients add them into one pot stir it up and you will get GRINDCITY CARTEL.Currently have Digital Distribution with Island Def Jam and member of Def Jam Music Group.

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When a melody elopes with vocal ingenuity, the results can be explosive.

…...yet, no eruption can perfectly implore the eardrums to weep ash, unless you’re within the mark of a
genius musician, and under the spell of a perfect song.

In walks Kovan Baldwin.

“Call Me.” A summons, an invitation; and the lead single off of the R&B singer/songwriter’s third album
entitled Statement, set for release in 2011.

The name of the single in itself, suggests that you vocally express your accord for this jubilant sound. But
in packing more definition to this dose of candid art, the song truly breathes a motive of the singers intent
on imparting a windstorm of poetic prose over the music industries lack-luster canvas.

Earnest and eruditely apt, Kovan Baldwin, who simply goes by the stage name Kovan, is gearing up to
bring integrity back to music’s audible rewards, as this Twin Cities native prepares to deliver R&B to an
enterprising destination.

With a lethal penmanship for perfectly characterizing the elements of life, love and lore onto our auditory
emporium, this talented vocalist is challenging urban music’s subpar existence, by dropping the elements
of lust, and promiscuity from his sound, and engaging us with his melodic dewdrops of irrecoverable
He’s performed on a multitude of stages and sung in a myriad of festivals, from The Lounge Night Club to
the annual Juneteenth Celebration.

Featured in the Source Magazine in July 2010 for his hit song “Let Me See You Do It,” and gearing up to
be a household superstar, this talented musician is only at the start of his journey through sound, but as time
progresses his efforts will unleash to him a red carpet welcome.!__iamkovan



Bio of DMB = CEO & Recording Artist of Burger-Records:

Rap music has grown into a worldwide economic craze since its birth over 30 years ago. It stretches from every cover of the United States to Japan, to Russia, and every where else imaginable. By no means did it skip Germany and DMB (Dat Muthafucka Burga) is the proof!

DMB / Frank Burger (real name) is from S-DUBB = Schweinfurt “Northern Bavaria” in Germany. He grew up like many listening to rap music and eventually developed the talent himself.

When asked who his biggest influences DMB did not hesitate to give props to the legendary acts RUN DMC, EPMD, X-RAIDED, NWA, SPM & KOOL G RAP just to name a few.

In 2002 DMB took a step further with his passion for rapping and professionally started his record label, “Burger Records.” In 2005 DMB dropped his first solo album Dat Muthafucka Burga which opened up the doors for him as an artist.

In 2007 Ma Passion was the next album to hit the streets.

DMB can rap in German which is to be expected but what is a total shock and amazing is the fact that he also raps in perfect English,in fact 90% of his 3rd album Schorleface. The year was 2009 and German Rapper DMB got ready to come to give the United States a new flavor with Schorleface 

Schorle means a combination of sparkling water & wine and when DMB is sippin’ on that wine he gets a new look…A look of a lyrical assassin! One eye closes up real tight and he is ready to spit some serious heat.

In 2009/2010 DMB made a huge impact on the rap game with already, being featured on the cover of Down Low Magazine out of Washington/Canada. DMB has also worked with legendary artists like X-RAIDED (FREE A. BROWN), BIG MIKE of the GETO BOYS, YUKMOUTH, TOMMY WRIGHT III, ANT BANKS, KOKANE, CELLY CEL, and many more for his actual release BK (Da G-funk Album).. This project was planned to be a straight up G-Funk cd, but after all there is music for everybody into Hip-Hop on it, cause DMB loves all kinda HIP-HOP styles. BK is in stores NOW..

DMB was also part of the US/German colabo album called DOPEGAME / RAPGAME in 2010..

Right now DMB is working on his new project called KNOCK OUT MUZIK, which will have a few more guest like WC, THA REALEST & C-SICCNESS on it, but most of the songs will be DMB Solo tracks. This album will be produced by the world famous TRACK PROS & Germanys next top producer = B-DUBB. 

DMB will also be on the front cover of the upcoming summer issue of DOWN MAGAZINE.

Be on the lookout & keep rising!


Danny Fantom is ready to release with his song "Head High" on the Global Warning Mixtape Series

From the outside Danny may seem like just another average teen. Raised in the hills of Worcester Mass he was exposed to diversity, hardship, and plenty of failure throughout his life. Gaining inspiration from childhood cartoons and videogames DannyFantom found himself in a trance when discovering Charles Hamilton aka Sonic the Hamilton, a rap artist who embodied everything Danny was seeking to achieve. Shortly thereafter he cemented himself as a member of the local hip hop group The Grand Arkanum soon after the group formed. While building a buzz with TGA, DannyFantom has performed with the likes of Akrobatik, B. Dolan, and the originator for the sub genre (NerdCore) MC Frontalot as well as countless other local artists coming out of Massachusetts. Through his inspirational, and sometimes comical, rhymes The Fantom appeals to the masses ranging from old school flows, to more modern upbeat hip hop. Raised with a strong set of morals and plenty of manga and anime he never found it hard to stay true to himself. Growing up in a very close-knit multicultural family DannyFantom spreads a message of positivity throughout his music.

Contageous brings the CURE to the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

“You have to know good music to make good music” is a motto that Contageous, better known as Funktageous, lives by. Fondly referred to as “Funk,” Contageous has been pumping out music since the tender age of 8. Having first become acquainted with various music styles as a DJ in the tri state, Contageous developed a keen ear for good music in order to please a crowd. This skill eventually led Contageous to begin creating music of his own. As a student of the Institute of Audio Research, Contageous’ passion and keen ear for music was further cultivated and refined. This formal training also assisted him in acquiring the requisite business savvy necessary to be successful in the music industry.

Through much blood, sweat, and tears, Contageous positioned himself to become the next up and coming Hip Hop impresario. A lyricist, writer, producer and engineer, Contageous is also the founder and CEO of his own independent record label, Real Street Enterprises. With three albums under his belt-- “Key 2 Life”, “Dedicated”, and “Convict 2 Corporate”—which were all self-produced, self-mixed and self-mastered, Contageous is set to release his fourth album on November 22nd aptly titled, “The Cure,” also on Real Street Enterprises. This latest album is acclaimed to be a lyrical masterpiece because of Contageous’ unique blend of his exclusive beats, which prominently feature the trumpet and violin, with poignant lyrics that are relatable to individuals from all walks of life. 

In sum, Contageous is an exceptionally talented music producer who always strives to think outside the box and is recognized by many for his ability to flawlessly wear various hats in the music industry. His ability to genuinely put forth his real life passions and struggles is a musical gift that is undoubtedly present in his songs. To that end, Contageous’ love and passion for music is still evident and unrelenting on his latest musical project and will undoubtedly be even more prevalent in future projects to come.

Yung Reckless brings some Southern Swagg to the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

Ron Monroe aka Yung wreckless grew up in norristown pa outside of philly. Born may 2,1986, the 26 year old rapper been writing songs and tracks since the age of 12 and been working hard to become known and put norristown on the map. With 4 official mixtapes and one on the way, Yung wreckless is working on building a strong fan base and working hard to get a record deal. In high school, he graduated from Kennedy kenrick high school and did warehouse work to help his family out and pay for his mixtape artwork, dj hostings and studio time from various studios. The born norristown rapper currently resides in south Carolina with interests on moving to Atlanta to work on his music career more. You can hear Yung wreck on various mixtapes such as bankrupt business volumes 3-5, the punisher mixtape, the resurrection mixtape, all from dj bankrupt, unsigned hype volumes 2-5 and refund 15 from dj Chiszle. They are all great mix cds and are worth the free downloads!

"LikeItorNot Ent". brings "Dru The Dronez" on board for the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

Dru The Dronez born in Springfield, Ma is an the future of the Hip Hop generation that still holds down the retro feeling sampling beats from the 90s all the way to the 50s.
Dru believes that music is a universal form of communication used to convey a wide variety of messages, attitudes and feelings; which he uses to push a "Feel Good" attitude 
even with the daily struggles of everyday life. Dru The Dronez, an artist like no other striving to create a vision with a sound. With his beats as well as lyrics he challenges our goals & aspirations driving to truly create the elusive yet tangible experience that is MUSIC.


MCT Crew from South Africa jumps into da Global-WARning Mixtape with their smash hit single "izinjazam FT Kwesta & Carlvy"

M.C.T crew, which abbreviates the words Music Can Teach, is a hip hop group originating from a township in the Ekurhuleni region called Katlehong in the East of Johannesburg, South Africa.
It is comprised of a young, vibrant and trendy Quattro, namely;
Mbongiseni Jele(S-Jay),
Vusi Rantha (Trouble),
Phetego Makanyane (L-Thech) and
Trevor Mushwana (TrezDJ)
Who were all childhood friends from the same neighbourhood and happened to identify a common interest which is the art of music, hip hop in particular.
M.C.T crew was formed and established in the early months of 2005, where the group took particular interest in getting involved in ciphers, street battles and performances in local hip hop events which then gave rise to their street cred.
They have since then been seen in and around Johannesburg, trying to participate in the hip hop culture as much as they could.
The group then developed enough confidence in themselves to create a Mix tape, Thrills and Skills featuring a variety of commercial and underground artists, which was a mirror image of their past experiences in the underground society. This tape included a young, vibrant and lively sound which symbolised their excitement and commitment to the culture. It also included tracks which explained all their trials and pains as individuals before and during their struggle seeking to be heard by a willing audience.
 All this was produced and mastered by their in-house DJ, Sound engineer and a founding member TrezDJ, alongside the likes of Schizophrenic, and Zebb who are all known and accredited by their society.
What the group has done so far is far from what their goal has set them to do in the future. Their willingness, strength and hard work will see to their growing success in the near future.

This group of young men aim to, in the future;
Make music that will not only interacts with the youth, but will also inspire and motivate them to stop at nothing in  achieving their dreams and goals, and also show them a way to speak and also be heard by a wide local and international audience.

Their vision is;
To not only become well recognised artists, but also to become a well-recognised brand that provides a good quality product and service in musical entertainment. They also see themselves as motivators for young people, especially young previously disadvantaged ones, who don’t know how to start living their dreams.

Their goals will work at;
·         Building a successful career in the music and entertainment industry.
·         Becoming a well-recognised and established brand that will eventually be heard by an international audience.
·         Seeing their brand grow big enough to provide entertainment and public support for world renowned business corporations.
·         Depicting and telling the stories of a young and oppressed generation or society through the forms of entertainment and media.
·         Making a return on investment for those who believed in their dreams and aspirations.
·          To create an awareness to the general public on the advantages of a market- orientated economic system and to promote entrepreneurship through the music industry.
Prominent performances
·         September 2009, live performance at LGM sessions, hosted by Substance and, amongst artists such as, Last Day Fam, Substance and Quietude.
·         May 2012, live performance at Meropa Lounge, hosted by Kanivo, amongst artists like Kwesta Mr Cool, F-Eezy, Scavengers, Kick Start and Arch.
·         July 2012, live performance at Kospotong lounge, alongside Black Gold, Scavengers and Kanivo.
·         September 2010, live performance at the Zimeleni School of the Disabled charity event.
·         December 2010, live performance at the Tunokwe Foundation charity event.
·         2010 till present, live performance at O.M Lounge Hip Hop Friday nights, hosted by Oscar Kido Nxumalo.
·         2010-2011 Sound Ground sessions, hosted by Dipapa Disousa.
·         February 2011, live performance at Kensington P.S, hosted by Kensington.
·         May 2011, live performances at Fresh Fridays, hosted by Oscar Kido Nxumalo.

Bookings and contact persons;
Manager: Mr K Mafukata
Cell no. +27 72 949 4505
Mbongiseni Jele
Cell no. +27 72 090 4020

Link for music sample
M.C.T crew ft Kwesta and RoyalBloodUs,
 Izinja Zam

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Our Major Artists Involved!

Global Warning Mixtape Series is an Infusion of Artists that are Signed and well known and the best of the best of artists around the world!
We already have Featured artists such as Wutang Affiliates, Harlem 6, Dogg Pound, Outlawz, Black Rob, Gillie da Kid, Canibus, Waka Flocka and a whole list of others

SO FAR GLOBAL WARNING MIXTAPE SERIES AS FEATURED ARTISTS IN OUR CATALOG SUCH AS DOGG POUND, OUTLAWZ, ACE HOOD, CANIBUS, WAKA FLOCKA, WUTANG AFFILIATES, HARLEM 6, GILLIE DA KID, BLACK ROB, LIL SCRAPPY, LEGENDARY BOXER JAMES "LIGHTS OUT" TONY, and the son of Legendary producer DR. DRE. "CURTIS YOUNG" and also shouts out to all the Independent artists who joined the Global Warning Mixtape Series you know who you are you're all destined for GREATNESS!

Big BoyM and DBE enters the Global Warniing Mixtape Series!

The Young Star Tito Pagan calls em out on the Global Warning Mixtape series.

Real name: Anibal Pagan
But everyone calls me Tito
My stage name is Fame Dahighlife
Born in New Bedford Raised in Lawrence Mass.
24 years old, been doin music since i was 10, 15 years
I always had a passion for music, I was always a big fan of enything that rhymed
Music was jus always a way for me to get away


Albert Martinez aka “Chi” was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1981. His mother knew it would be difficult for her children to grow up on the streets of NY therefore, in 1986 she along with his stepfather and older sister relocated to Woonsocket, RI where he currently resides. Growing up in RI would not prove to be any easier for Chi. His mother and stepfather began abusing drugs. During this time Chi left home, joined a gang and was on the block. At the age of 16, he was ordered to serve 6 months in training school after being arrested for delivery of cocaine. During this time he began interested in music which became a pivotal turning point in his life.
After being in and out of the system and giving almost 6 years of his life to the state of RI, he began to mature mentally, and became more serious about his music. He realized life was much more than the streets and what it had to offer. Rap provided an outlet for Chi to talk about the things he admired such as cash, drugs, cars and girls. It also put him in a comfort zone where he felt he was in charge and no one could stop him.
So many positive things have happened for Chi since the days on the streets and prison cells. He is a member of rap trio “Dark Skyz“, and has released “The Forecast” with the group, and “All or Nothing Vol.1-2”, and most recently “Stand Out” as solo projects. Also he has been featured on CD’s with DJ D-Wun, DJ Franchise, DJ Ruiz , Krook Rock, and more. During his journey to rising fame he has had the opportunity to open for artists such as Juelz Santana, Styles P, Freeway, Red CafĂ©, Lloyd Banks, and KRS-1, waiting for the day the arena is full of fans awaiting to hear his story.