Monday, August 27, 2012

Premavara Enters the Global Warning Mixtape Series as 1 of our Featured artists with his song with Waka Flocka!

Producer, Engineer, worked with Canibus, U-God of Wutang, Slimkid3 of The Pharcyde, Killah Priest, M-Eighty, tracks with The Game, Jaecyn Bayne, and soon Styles P... Also Eagle, HIP, GMoney, Payroll records, Premavara family, One Day, Fell Far Behind, Trever Keith and Chad Blinman of Legion of Doom, and Trever is the frontman for long time Punk Rock legends, "Face to Face". glad they are back.
Go there and listen to my tracks, Buy Merch, and pick up the new record at

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SIRE is ready to shine and put it down for South Carolina on the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

  My government name is Antonio but my stage name is SIRE. I was born and raised in a small desolate town in South Carolina in which is so small it has only one stoplight. But, don’t be quick to judge because most great things come from small humble beginnings. My addiction for hiphop grew when I first met my cousins from Newark and all that afternoon we walked up and down the ave blasting his larger than life boombox. The attention we got was tremendous. I can remember the song even though I was a young adolescent, it was  (The fat boys are back).  As I got older I started to pick up  magazines like Word Up and wanted to dress like the MC’s but I had a problem; we were poor. So I started to work in cucumber and tobacco fields to get the money to floss like the hiphop stars. Now that you know about the influence of the hiphop culture on my life im sure you can conclude that im dedicated,respectful, and got mad love for the game. I have been formulating rhymes since middle school so you can say I paid my dues. Today my lyrical content has evolve just like I have; its fun, creative, colorful, and bold. I write like a jazz or r-n-b artist that concentrate on real life issues and general daily occurances. My goal is to make you think while also making you wanna bounce or dance. Now you have been introduced to the imperial lyrical MC named SIRE aka SSIAH consider yourself blessed and prepare for the rude awakening. Follow me on twitter, facebook, and myspace. Peace and Blessings

RAPAHOLIC brings a new twist to the Global Warning Mixtape Series with his unorthodox rap style!

I was born on march 11, 1990 in Boston, Massachusetts. Grew up in the projects most of my life where trouble is around every corner. My father was around but barely was invoved with raising me. Life was never a cakewalk but I did what i had to do to survive and my mother was a single parent who did her best to provide for her kids. Now i'm about my business and i'm here to bring real lyricism back to the game. I want people who aspire to be rappers, poets or singers to know that your dream isn't a mile away just keep at it and wait for your opportunity to come, you'll know when you're ready. In the future I want to make recording studio's more accessible to teens and children alike to keep them occupied. ~rapaholic~

Monday, August 20, 2012

RAJE' represents for India and brings his fresh new R&B sound to the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

Im 27 yrs old born in Indian and raised in Maryland. Always had a love for music of mostly all genres since the age of 5 where I started singing Indian songs for numerous indian events over time. In 2008, I started developing an Interst in Western Music specifically R&B and pop. I currently live in Frederick MD and I have met many icons that influenced my music such as Jay Sean, Jazz from Dru Hill, Mya, Born Divine of Wu Tang, and many more... I hope to fullfill my dream someday of becoming an international icon just like my number one inspiration Michael Jackson! Shoutouts to all my fan and Friends!


Goldman, is a singer/songwriter and recording artist based in Los Angeles, California. He grew up on the Ivory Coast of West Africa, later escaping his country as a political refugee due to the war that had erupted. He soon arrived in the USA and began pursuing his passion for music.

"Back at home, the biggest challenge was just staying alive each day. Many of my family members and friends died in the war that I fled from. I'm more aware about how I feel when I delve into songwriting. You have to believe all things are possible. Make music...not war."

Goldman's music is a fusion of Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop with a flare of Psychedelic Funk. His polished sound reverberates with Rock grit. "I would describe my sound experience as a lush tapestry for the ears, with colors spilling over into abundance, flashing across the mind's eyes in a torrent of fluid Rock grooves. When I'm performing on stage, it's an amazing feeling, vibing with the crowd."

Goldman has performed at such venues as the legendary Whisky A Go Go, The Cat Club, The Mint and the Venice Beach Music Festival.
To inquire about booking Goldman for your upcoming event, contact his team here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Harmony Le' Fly Jones puts the ladies fast 2 sleep as our second R&b artist on the Global Warning Mixtapes Series!

Harmony a.k.a "Heartthrob Harmony" was born in Rockledge, Florida June 4, 1990. At the age of ten, him and his mother move to Richmond Virginia, then a year later they moved up to New Jersey and moved in a little city called Irvington which is a urban town boardering other urban cities such as Newark and East Orange. Between elementary school he too classes like flute or trumpet classes in Madison Ave school in Irvington. His middle school years, he went to Myrtle Ave in Irvington until his 8th grade year when he transferred to Walter.O. Krumbiegal (W.O.K) in Hillside NJ. From the age of nine and up he played football. In his High School years he went to Hillside High School, and there he found the love of music and his passion of singing his sophomore year...His senior year he did his first concert and swept the ladies away thust grasping the name "Harmony". Now at a young 22, he is looking forward to hitting the R&B scene hard with his music, lyrics, and harmonization. His main goal is to take R&B where it never has been before with a new R&B movement called "Futuristic R&B"

Dj Dom Presents: Bedroom Muzik Vol.1

Screen Name




With no musical background in his family, the process of writing, editing and recording his own music is unchartered territory for Casa, but it’s a task he’s met with vigour and an uncompromising dedication to succeed, yet at the same time staying true to the meaning behind his lyrics.
Aged 12, Casa found himself following in his older brother’s footsteps but listening to Eminem, but Andrew decided to take it one step further; studying Eminem’s catalogue from back to front, searching for the meaning behind each verse and couldn’t help but be inspired. This inspiration soon transferred into Casa putting pen to paper on his own lyrics, but as all rappers know; lyrics are only half the battle, getting those lyrics to flow is an entirely different ball game and one that Casa acknowledges as a work in progress.
For too long artists such as Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Esso and Drapht have had to bare the weight of the Australian hip-hop industry solely on their shoulders, but through determination and a desire to learn, Casa has dreams of lending a helping hand to shoulder the responsibility.
With Australian hip-hop experiencing it’s largest influx in local produce and the bar being set higher with each album release, it’s become harder than ever to claw your way out of the hip-hop abyss; but Western Sydney protégée Andrew Casa refuses to be another artist added to the scrap heap.

Check out our Global Warning Mixtape Series artist representing Australia, the MC. Casa newest EP "The Blindfold"!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

St. RAY is focused and ready for the Spotlight with his song "PAPARAZZI" coming out on the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

My name is Raymond Rhoden, I am a young articulator of feeling as well as hope by way of music! Born to the allegiance of the soon to be Republic Jamaica my pride and mannerisms are easily identified as a cultural tie and are often mentioned as some of my strong suits. Surprisingly to many music wasn't my first passion it was writing. As a growing boy with quite a bit of stage fright I often watched my mom Stephanie Cato who was then a "Roots Play write" and actress, with the utmost admiration. This lead me to writing, first about what I loved about the shows then that lead to me pointing out what I didn't like about the shows which naturally lead me to constructing what I believed as a bright eyed 7 year old to be great add on's to the show. Needless to say I wasn't taken seriously by anyone but my mom who encouraged what ever I dared to try and a few members of my family of course. That didn't at all stop me I started gaining momentum with writing priming my vocabulary in hopes to strengthen my facets and it did, then the strangest thing started to happen. Unplanned unrehearsed unexpectedly I just found my self making small little rhythms, rhythms being what they called songs in Jamaica at the time. And I mean like all day washing dishes, I would be constructing a rhythm taking a bath, after home work, before video games, all day. I soon with my family migrated to the States (U.S) where music was a bit more accessible than it was back home, I could go to the barber shop and by a bootleg of the hottest songs out with my lunch money here and that was luxury for my growing desire to understand what it took to make "MUSIC' on a sonic level! Shortly after my arrival however music had to make room for what would take the most of my time over the next 6 years, Basketball. Having the drive a desire to be good at whatever I attempted kept me persistent with the sport because truth be told I was horrible at it. I was over weight, slow but I had coordination so I started running, then I started attending different inner city basketball clinics to improve my skill sets. Before you knew I was in love the game bringing trophies home some just for being on the team but some I earned for play significant roles. I don't know if this truth reveres threw out all of New York but round here you slang **** or had a wicked jump shot like Biggie said and you can ask about mine lol. Attaining acclaim in High School due to my wit and prowess in basketball I attempted to join the team but circumstances that would lead me to missing more school than the average 17 year old lead me right back to the music. I was clocking 60 hr work weeks and writing raps instead of shooting jump shots for hours on in still not recording though, I was in the occasional cypher these days and I started to gain respect from my piers for the way I arranged cadences and slowly but surly the love for this art form started to fill my sights again unplanned unrehearsed and unexpectedly. I never turned back from that point even though I didn't always publicly proclaim to be a artist, I started recording some 5 years later with more rhyme books under my belt than I knew what to do with. My first recording session was in the Subbasement of BxRecords and that was the start of this journey that I am on now so thank you for taking the time out to catch up with me and hopefully I will see you along the journey if I have yet to do so. PEACE!!!
External Site (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Website)
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Label/Band Name
S.L.M Ent/ Timeless Records....................
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I own this boro
Hot97Who'sNext See though we know That St-Rayz next Hot97 wants to hold a contest to prove this to be the case so here's the link so you can go tell em what they already know.


Gram Reaper is a rap artist out of Rochester New York. The streets pretty much raised the Reaper to become the havoc he displays on the microphone. The dope game was never his dream, but he fell into it like quick-sand, after getting a taste of the money. Gram Reaper began writing poetry and music at age 11. By the time he was 18, he was deep in the streets and writing was only a hobby. During his time served for a pistol charge, a few fellow inmates encouraged Reaper to take his rhymes to the next level. After getting released from states custody, the Reaper started displaying his music all over the streets of New York. Following in the footsteps of local legends Biggie and Nas helped Gram structure his writing for fans that love to hear real life rhymes over rap beats. Gram Reaper has worked with hip-hop producer Merlin on many different projects, including "Enter the Reaper" and "Queen Divas Dedication to the Ladies." Reaper has made a name for himself on the underground hip-hop circuit, working hard to become a household name around the globe. His main goal in music is to express real rap to the world, not the illusion of an entertainer that's in the business for the money, women and cars. Chasing dreams and accomplishing goals, Gram Reaper is knocking rappers out of the booth, ready to take over the industry!
u can reach me at these places this is wer u can gite ma album at

LARI GUAP$$ is focused and determined to stack a lot of Paper$$$ on the Global Warning Mixtape Series!


When you think of a Producer,MC,Songwriter,CEO, very few people come to mind. But in the near future LARI GUAP will be a household name in all 4 categories. Rapping since the 90's and producing since 00, Lari Guap has honed his skills to the point that success is a must. At first he did music only as a hobby, but got so good at it that he decided to make it a full time thing. Growing up in (Southside) Queens, NY gives him the will and determination to do anything he sets out to do. To Quote " Haters want me to quit but I can’t stop / Cause Im 2 Great like my grand pops grand pops". With witty metaphors, creative beats, and a hustlers mind, he is destined for very big things in and outside of the entertainment Industry. Lari Guap is a jack-of-all-trades. As CEO of Grime Vill Ent; he leads the new school of Super Producers. 

For Beats Call 1-646-535-GUAP (4827)

1-646-535-GUAP (4827)


Tha Divine One" CHYNZ" becomes the first female artist to Enter the Global Warning Mixtape Series from TEXAS!

So here's a little something about me, i'm a singer, songwriter, and rap artist. i've been writing mostly poetry since i was in kindergarten, but its always ben my dream to write music. I've been had this vision that what i have to say can help make a difference in the world and give people the opportunity to have the courage to follow their dreams. I'm currently attending college at Texas State University and majoring in creative writing with a minor in Spanish. I play collegiate soccer and i'm going into my senior year of playing. I'm only just beginning in the music industry but i feel i can go even further than where i am now with the right push and the right kind of support i know that my music will make a difference.


Travis "OGgie B" Greco was born in Worcester Massachusetts in 1994 and raised in the Central Massachusetts area. Travis was raised by his mother Linda and was one of two children including his brother Tommy. Growing up on a single mothers budget wasn't always easy and Travis always dreamed of a better life, with that in his head he began writing poetry and songs at a young age. He wrote about what he'd see, what he wanted, and later on when he

was in his early teenage years the things he did to get what he wanted. Travis now has two kids and has changed his life a lot but his music is his way of letting the world in his head. Listen,Enjoy

Friday, August 3, 2012


DREW EDGHILL (aka DRoo) was born in Montreal, Canada,but he spent his early childhood living in Fort Lauderdale Florida USA. He then settled back in Montreal when he was 9. Being a rap fan for most of his life, This Trini/guyanese/Irish Artist began rapping at the early age of 12 which was inspired through his fathers musical talents,but with him also providing a variation of music to Drew's ears which enabled him to later realize that MUSIC was in the BLOOD.
At the age of 16 he began to get very serious about his rapping, but it wasn't until he was 20 that he actually started making a name for himself. Drew has a determined soul which has turned him into an independent, strong willed character and will take his musical talents to the top. As well as his interest in music, he worked in various other aspects of the entertainment industry, including some acting work around Canada which gave him the opportunity to learn a side of the industry. After being introduced to this world,it gave Drew even more determination and confidence that he was destined to take his god given talents and shine.
In 2001 Drew left for the UK to be with his mother and grandmother. While residing there, he has done various work and established a name for himself in Irelands entertainment circle. At the same time, Drew was throwing himself head first into the rap game, getting a job as an MC in one of Belfasts premier clubs and from there began performing his own shows on the local Northern Irish club scene.He has also performed in many clubs in london and recieved great reception,with the likes of openning up for KRS 1,playing live with Clinton Sparks,and also been flown to LiverPool to play at Djibril Cisse private fashion show. DRoo has become a great success locally,as everyone who has had the chance to hear him, has respected and been very enthusiastic about his work.
Drew also has two videos under his belt with film company digitalsneakers,who put together his first video entitled BUMP,which was a great sucess locally.Digitalsneakers had enjoyed very much working with the artist,that they returned to film yet another video,entitled GodPlease! You can also google Sick Joke Feat DRoo " Freak Show" which was released worldwide on the web and also had great support from worldwide Dj's encluding the likes of Paul Van Dyke.In 2009 Drew returned to Montreal to continue down his venture towards striving to bringing his music to peoples ears and hearts of all walks of life around the world.Drew has built a local,and international fan base from proving himself as a top class performer, artist,and songwriter,and is now ready to take his talents to another level.