Saturday, December 15, 2012


BlackZod aka 2$lick originally repping Queens, NY is now stemming from Carlisle, PA in a place not so familiar with the art of hip hop. If there is any artist to reel them in it would be BlackZod as his lyrics are more civilized rather than engaging in too much vulgarity and with his singing ability his hooks and lyrics tend to have a nice groove to it. Nowadays in hip hop people lack lyrics and ride the wave of an outstanding instrumental. They settle to throw a couple catchy lines about partying. Talk about frivolous things like bad chicks and Remy Martin. And while those things are nice there comes time for a change. For many years BlackZod formerly known as 2$lick has emerged from a more lyrical mockery of what is and was popular. He is now a highly catchy and unique combination of R&B and Hip Hop. Whether it’s taking ladies on a mystical island of passion and romance or transforming from “2$lick” to BlackZod he has a flow that sometimes times intertwines with Jay-Z’s in the sense of creating a new one for every instrumental. A “Freestyle” flow while Jay-Z doesn’t “write” his lyrics. Zod goes in the booth and spits it for the first time until he finds a flow to blend nicely with the instrumental. Fueled by God, family, and a strong confidence in mind, body, and soul. Zod is an artist who loves to have fun, loves women, loves music and wants to keep the balance as pure as possible for the sake of his God. “No one is perfect, but your purpose is to make every action that happens for a positive purpose”. There is a balance to everything and in many ways Zod exemplifies balance flashy clothes, stern temperament, and an anti-anything that’s typical in these times. BlackZod looks to stand out among most as one of the greatest lyricists of all time. With his uncanny ability to sing with pop and soul while still capturing the lyrical consistency of his raps. Zod is an artist like no other an artist for all races.

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