Thursday, September 13, 2012

KASAN Da JULAH brings the righteous spark to the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

The Indie Music Forum labels his music "inventive and captivating". He is here to upgrade your degree of knowledge while lyrically unfolding the stories of everyday life with a formula that few Rappers have been able to master. Kasan Da' Julah, aka Junior Matik leads the way for the Hip Hop/Reggae nation!! Kasan Da' Julah was born in the Bronx, NYC into a musical family. Being a product of Jamaican parentage, his father "Prince Junior” a singer and selector had a number of hits on the reggae charts in the 80's-90's and selected for two big Sound Systems; Sons Junior International (East N.Y) and Tippa Tone(JA).His grand uncle was the owner/operator of the Pioneer Jamaican sound system “Son The Junior Sebastian.” Who along with “Tom The Great Sebastian” were the first official Sound sytems in Jamaica! While the young Kasan was adapting and evolving in the American Hip Hop culture he integrated the two styles of music and has been “spitting” his unique formula to his audience ever since. His family made sure that although he was born in “Foreign” nobody would rob him of his culture. So he would be shipped off to Kingston, JA to stay with his relatives for months at a time. One of those relatives, Augustus "Gussie" Clarke, owner of "Music works/Anchor recording studios, THE biggest recording facility in the West Indies! Gussie is responsible for many foundation artist'scareers such as Gregory Isaacs, Big Youth, JC Lodge, Buju Banton, as well as a host of others. Needless to say these "pilgrimages" to Yard left a lasting impression on the budding entertainers heart. Attending the same High School with Busta Rhymes, and Roc Marciano, Under the name "Junior Matic", Kasan cut his first Dub Plate single "Top Notch Sound" for Long Island based System Black Foxx Movement during 91-92'. From there he began to collaborate with several other artists and sound systems and was featured on many of their " Sound Clash Tapes" In 95' Kasan Relocated to Augusta, GA where he began to further cultivate his Skills. He was featured on Power 107 Radio station where he gave an interview and Freestyle. He was later asked to return to co-host a few times. Which gave way to his stunning performance on Upn 21's “Star Born” and later Co-hosting "Straight from the streets." Then in '97 he recorded "firestorm and a few more Joints that created a local buzz. Now with his confidence in full effect Kasan began to perform at local clubs and bars throughout the GA and NYC area and even gave an electrifying performance for Atlanta's Octoberfest! Kasan Da' Julah delivers fiery, conscious lyrics while displaying his remarkable ability to take you through the transition of Jamaican Chanting "Junior Matik" to Lava Spitting Hip Hop Orator “Da’ Julah"!! Kasan says his mission is the preservation of HIPHOP AND THE ART OF LYRICS AND CREATIVE WRITING!! PURE MUSIC!! PEACE!!

ALBUM IS RELEASED AND BORN INTO THIS WORLD OCT 1 2012.....Please make it a date and dont be late...your mind is depending on it!! P.E.A.C.E.!!!

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