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Fes Taylor has achieved what many artists only dream of: respect from all the generations of Hip Hop.

A native of New York City, Fes was born in Harlem and raised in Staten Island. This very talented MC realized early in his childhood that he had a passion for one thing: music. Before long his passion for music would prompt him to start perfecting his craft, soon this local prodigy could be found ripping apart talent shows and battling emcees to gain his respect as a rapper. Impressed with his deep lyrical content and hardcore edge, Black Fist Records made him one of the original Shaolin Soldiers. Soon after, the rapper then known as Profess made his debut on King Just’s 1994 album entitled Mystics of the God. The album sold over 300,000 copies and was an astonishing success. It even led to the group being the first act to ever perform at Hot 97's Summer Jam.

This afforded Profess the opportunity to rise to another level as he began to tour all over the U.S. Although he had much success with Black Fist, the label would eventually fall apart, leaving Profess without a record deal. As the years went on, he aligned himself with different independent labels, but without much success and it wasn’t long before the young emcee found himself once again, on his own. With unstoppable will and determination that was not to be reckoned with, Fes Taylor founded Two 4 War Entertainment in early 2000. This allowed him to release independently more than a dozen projects which are all available

His work ethic eventually caught the attention of Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck who asked Fes to join his new HouseGang Animalz crew. The group released just one classic mix-CD and was then splintered and redistributed among several other Wu-affiliated groups, but Fes stayed loyal to Deck, becoming the lyrical master’s own personal protégé, as well as a great stylist and lyricist in his own right.

Taylor also formed a two-man group with long time friend Mr. Prezident called Heart Foundation. The duos swagger and energy impressed G-Unit affiliate Mazaradi Fox so much that he made the Heart Foundation members of the G-Unit/Dumout family.

Having earned the respect of well-known established artists and fans worldwide, the timing was now perfect for Fes to release his first retail solo album. So in 2009, he signed a deal with indie label Chambermusik Records/Koch for the release of Flight 10304 (T-2 Fly). Co-signed by Inspectah Deck, his official debut featured the Rebel INS himself, Shyheim, Lot-A-Nerv, and many others. Production was handled by Falling Down, Blastah Beatz and G-Clef da Mad Komposa amongst others. The album was very well received by both the fans and critics. It spawned three videos and the lead single Ocean Drive still gets spins on the radio and in clubs worldwide.

A tireless worker, Fes Taylor is still heavy on his grind and is now looking to bring his whole hood with him. In 2010, he spearheaded the birth of the Staten All-Stars movement which is slowly becoming a major force in New York. The same year, he released two projects through retail: Welcome to Goonsville and I’m Not A Rapper.
In 2011, it was time for Taylor to introduce his All-Star family to the fans worldwide. He did so by featuring then heavily on The Breaking Point LP. Iron Mic, BakerDon, Stumik, Donny Cacsh, Paulie Caskets, Flyce Coroner were some of emcees who appeared on the album along with heavyweights like Inspectah Deck, Carlton Fisk and Tek of Smif-N-Wessun.

2Fly ended the year by releasing the first volume of his PPP free download trilogy.

Constantly writing rhymes and recording in the studio, Fes Taylor plans on putting out many other projects in the years to come!

The Staten All Stars are a brotherhood that not only represent Staten Island but Hip Hop worldwide.
At the forefront of this movement is a group of talented emcees that while still young are considered veterans of the game.
Most of them were childhood friends way before they unite their forces to conquer the rap world. This is probably why their bond was so strong from the moment they first got together for the Killa Hill documentary theme song in 2009.
Fes Taylor, BakerDon, Paulie Caskets and Iron Mic were all featured on this classic and shortly after the Staten All Stars were born.
Fellow Icewater members Donny Cacsh and Stumik joined PC, as Heidi Flyce, Lot A Nerv, Hollywood Hefna, Judah Priest and Chippaman of Red Top also embarked on the mission.
Since they don't see themselves as a group but rather a movement many other artists are part the unit.
Hence their slogan: All Stars cause we all stars!


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