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Nicholas Lorenz Graham, known as Nick Grams in the hip hop community, is an American Hip Hop/Pop recording artist, rapper, performer, and songwriter. He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and spent the majority of his childhood moving all around the Northern region of Virginia. It wasn’t until he was 15 that he moved back to MN, where two years later he started pursuing his music career. His first public performance was when he was 9, in Clearbrook, VA for a talent show in front of the whole school. He remembers performing an MC Hammer song that was popular at the time, blowing away all of his classmates and school staff with his energetic, funny and carefree performance. Nick comes from a long line of talented and influential people. Nick was born to Lou and Jonathan Graham, both singers that traveled together in a Rock band. Nick recalls his first recognition of his musical talent at the age of 2. He wrote his first song when he was 2 called, “Up the world.” Nick realized he loved rap in the early 90’s when he lived in the DMV, and he was 14 when he started free styling over beats to his favorite songs on the radio. Nick’s first professional recording wasn’t until he was 21. He recorded one of his own called “Provide the Vibe,” an upbeat Hip Hop anthem. Nick had officially found a home in the Hip Hop community, and began seeing some regional success. His song, “Yeah No” was chosen as a finalist for a Dodge Dart commercial. Then he was in the running for Coca Cola’s Indie Icon for the Mid West Regional Finals. Shortly after that he had multiple show cases with Coast to Coast mix tapes, and then they featured his song, “Yeah No” on their mix tape. He began doing lots of shows, even outside of his region. R&B singer R. Kelly was Nick’s biggest musical inspiration when he started. He remembers hearing that he was illiterate, and used his passion and talent to succeed beyond struggle. Biggie was his greatest hip hop influence. In Nick’s words, “His lyrics were so genuine and sincere, and he was confident in who he was and went against the grain.” Nick is a well diverse artist. He sings and raps, as well as writes his own lyrics and hooks. He has the ability to rap and sing like B.O.B. or Drake, the lyrical content of a Kendrick Lamar or NAS, and the pop potential of Bruno Mars on a Hip Hop Level. His original and profound lyrics and unique rap style alone are enough to rave about. On top of his extremely sexy and sultry tone to his voice, along with creatively sending positive messages, his unique rhyme patterns and genius hooks are setting him apart from anyone else on the Hip Hop scene as it stands. His vibrant image is also one of a kind, with a personality to match. Nick is the most energetic, outrageous, charismatic, fun-loving and passionate person. When he performs, it really pours out on the stage and fills the entire room like a heat wave. People are just in utter awe and amazement at this young man and his talent. His ambition has him striving to be the best he can in every aspect, and continuing his education and ability in his craft. Currently, Nick is about to release his first single “Sweet Thing,” a new age Hip Hop Pop fusion collaboration featuring Jaysen Kingsmen. Kingsmen Entertainment, in cooperation with a major marketing firm, is putting together a National Radio Campaign and Tour, which will be taken place in the Spring and Summer of 2014. Executive producers of the single are Nick and Kingsmen, along with music production producers DJ Danarchy, Andre “Scorz” Dennis, and Gread, all from Kingmen’s house production team. Following the single will be a music video release for “Sweet Thing,” which will be passed on to major music networks. Next, Nick plans to work on his “Kingsmen Album Project,” which will be a full length album, and will most likely release more singles from it, following “Sweet Thing.” Keep an eye out for Nick Grams, this artist is sure to make headlines!
Biography written by N. Hahn * Find more of Nick Gram’s music, pics, and videos @




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