Saturday, March 1, 2014

Please welcome a Stone Cold Lyrical Mc. that is destined for Stardom, introducing "SAVAGE TRINITY" OF THE "VERBAL GODZ"

In an art form saturated with ambitious emcees hopeful of riding the next wave into the speakers of the masses, we've seen the expansion of emceeing through the creative processes of a talented many. Though, few have been able to match fiery lyricism, creative expression, and stage presence, with the ability to grab the attention of onlookers and listeners alike. Such an emcee able to captivate an audience is surely capable of achieving great feats.
Savage Trinity, an emcee from Indianapolis, Indiana, is sure to be of such capabilities. A member of the up and coming phenomenal underground group The Verbal Godz, Savage Trinity has spent years cultivating his delivery and cadence. He mixes his complex lyrical prowess, scheme, cadence and storytelling with an amazing vocal range to fit each song specifically. Also a member of many different hip hop oriented organizations, he considers himself to be a defender if hip hop and it's elements.
Along with his cohort and brother, Zion Se7en (aka YedidYah Ben Sion), Savage Trinity has made waves in the underground scene doing various shows in the Midwest. Savage Trinity has been featured on the projects of artists such as White Shadow of Norway, Iron Shiek, and many other underground emcees. He has opened up for Bronze Nazareth, The Wisemen,  and C-Rayz Walz.
Savage Trinity is currently working on his first solo effort entitled, The Left Behind LP, due to be released March 2014. His first official release was a promotional lp with Zion Se7en released November 2011 entitled, When Kingdoms Fall.

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