Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SIRE is ready to shine and put it down for South Carolina on the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

  My government name is Antonio but my stage name is SIRE. I was born and raised in a small desolate town in South Carolina in which is so small it has only one stoplight. But, don’t be quick to judge because most great things come from small humble beginnings. My addiction for hiphop grew when I first met my cousins from Newark and all that afternoon we walked up and down the ave blasting his larger than life boombox. The attention we got was tremendous. I can remember the song even though I was a young adolescent, it was  (The fat boys are back).  As I got older I started to pick up  magazines like Word Up and wanted to dress like the MC’s but I had a problem; we were poor. So I started to work in cucumber and tobacco fields to get the money to floss like the hiphop stars. Now that you know about the influence of the hiphop culture on my life im sure you can conclude that im dedicated,respectful, and got mad love for the game. I have been formulating rhymes since middle school so you can say I paid my dues. Today my lyrical content has evolve just like I have; its fun, creative, colorful, and bold. I write like a jazz or r-n-b artist that concentrate on real life issues and general daily occurances. My goal is to make you think while also making you wanna bounce or dance. Now you have been introduced to the imperial lyrical MC named SIRE aka SSIAH consider yourself blessed and prepare for the rude awakening. Follow me on twitter, facebook, and myspace. Peace and Blessings

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