Thursday, August 9, 2012


Gram Reaper is a rap artist out of Rochester New York. The streets pretty much raised the Reaper to become the havoc he displays on the microphone. The dope game was never his dream, but he fell into it like quick-sand, after getting a taste of the money. Gram Reaper began writing poetry and music at age 11. By the time he was 18, he was deep in the streets and writing was only a hobby. During his time served for a pistol charge, a few fellow inmates encouraged Reaper to take his rhymes to the next level. After getting released from states custody, the Reaper started displaying his music all over the streets of New York. Following in the footsteps of local legends Biggie and Nas helped Gram structure his writing for fans that love to hear real life rhymes over rap beats. Gram Reaper has worked with hip-hop producer Merlin on many different projects, including "Enter the Reaper" and "Queen Divas Dedication to the Ladies." Reaper has made a name for himself on the underground hip-hop circuit, working hard to become a household name around the globe. His main goal in music is to express real rap to the world, not the illusion of an entertainer that's in the business for the money, women and cars. Chasing dreams and accomplishing goals, Gram Reaper is knocking rappers out of the booth, ready to take over the industry!
u can reach me at these places this is wer u can gite ma album at

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