Friday, September 27, 2013


Some Say I'm Grimey. Some Say Crazy. If you ask me i say i'm what the streets made me.
Born on Buddhist nirvana day in 88 in skwuha7xmesh raised in the eagle capital of the world Brackendale BC
Relocated to Prince George BC in 2001at age 13 with Jamaican Step family.
Leaving our home from in the forest to the youth shelter in downtown prince George at 15 with only Canibus wu tang and aftermath cd collection.
Connecting with local thugs and gangstrez's this was the first breakthrough of lyrical/social isolationalism by means of collaborating street style(someone on beat box or blaster and others on freestyle.)
Smoking blunts downin OE's for EZ I was introduced "Caesar" On some esoreric studie of the same likeness as lil seez.(fourth way methodology , transcending the matrix, sacred merkabah, time travell, chakras, quĂ nta, quadra math, psyhic ability, high technologies, and he also taught me to rap and Knew and/or was Canibus?
Lil Seez was taken into group homes where he began to study 13 Dimensional consciousness.
Meditating 10 hours a die with a hundred meditations memorized Lil seez initiation into traditional Haitian vodou had begun. Many ceremonies took place 43 days of fasting on rice, learning the arts of true spirit healing.,
The finality of the test of fire singing off the hairs of his hand possessed by lwa for the moment by the order of the neldeizedek he is now forever a vodou high priest (houngan)
Continuing to meditate and serving the gods it had shined through his first 5 album (superconsious inspirational rap)
Lil Seez is a member of Project Hope AKA the revolution
Project hope NYC native youth crew DJ Chuckles, DJ Mukluk, B-boy phlip, skylar were thesickest bbreak dancers in town,
Taught him from scratch how to break, then monkey and JP took the show away with multi headspins and franken mills.
Emcees at project hope include Lil seez, joey curse, versus, Dave dacoin , just cause, baby g, and doeboi aka fresh hustle and wickedmix.
Was invited on the radio to promo for an attempt at supernaturals record of longest freestyle. Still in progress
Lil seez Released his 6th and 7th album and the LP's had the theme of devil worship and this was unusual for a bright light such as Lil seez. (These albums are not on the internet)
Lil seez wrote a book known as "knowledge of the undead master, tapping and unlocking hidden power and evolution .
At 22 Lil seez ruled everything around him dropping the almost urban legendary paper chaser pt1 and 2.
Quantum jumping was the next album and it was a prolific work from a 160 page rhyme cut into 13 ttracks.
Followed by Battle rap infinity 100 verses in over 20 voices.
And we can all drink punch.
Lil seez presented his first mix tape "Reptilian Mixtape" featured on DJ Fades and Ice Cream Tapes.
The Mixtape features artist worldwide from south Africa (orion quest, aakill, death Star) new jersies labal s aka Dr Murder verse who has worked with wu tangs killah priest. Philly (LCOB truthseekah)
Syria (x flame) currently working with omen ra and havok of mobb deep.
The album got thousands of downloads and listens.
Also Lil seez is revered for his battle flows soon to compete in kingof the dot and rep yoself battles.
IN The end Lil seez is the real and don't die. Stabbed and shot multiple times Lil seez is thousand time strong, who's the most influential gang in the world! Bloods and crips ONE! G UNIT MOBB

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