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MCT Crew from South Africa jumps into da Global-WARning Mixtape with their smash hit single "izinjazam FT Kwesta & Carlvy"

M.C.T crew, which abbreviates the words Music Can Teach, is a hip hop group originating from a township in the Ekurhuleni region called Katlehong in the East of Johannesburg, South Africa.
It is comprised of a young, vibrant and trendy Quattro, namely;
Mbongiseni Jele(S-Jay),
Vusi Rantha (Trouble),
Phetego Makanyane (L-Thech) and
Trevor Mushwana (TrezDJ)
Who were all childhood friends from the same neighbourhood and happened to identify a common interest which is the art of music, hip hop in particular.
M.C.T crew was formed and established in the early months of 2005, where the group took particular interest in getting involved in ciphers, street battles and performances in local hip hop events which then gave rise to their street cred.
They have since then been seen in and around Johannesburg, trying to participate in the hip hop culture as much as they could.
The group then developed enough confidence in themselves to create a Mix tape, Thrills and Skills featuring a variety of commercial and underground artists, which was a mirror image of their past experiences in the underground society. This tape included a young, vibrant and lively sound which symbolised their excitement and commitment to the culture. It also included tracks which explained all their trials and pains as individuals before and during their struggle seeking to be heard by a willing audience.
 All this was produced and mastered by their in-house DJ, Sound engineer and a founding member TrezDJ, alongside the likes of Schizophrenic, and Zebb who are all known and accredited by their society.
What the group has done so far is far from what their goal has set them to do in the future. Their willingness, strength and hard work will see to their growing success in the near future.

This group of young men aim to, in the future;
Make music that will not only interacts with the youth, but will also inspire and motivate them to stop at nothing in  achieving their dreams and goals, and also show them a way to speak and also be heard by a wide local and international audience.

Their vision is;
To not only become well recognised artists, but also to become a well-recognised brand that provides a good quality product and service in musical entertainment. They also see themselves as motivators for young people, especially young previously disadvantaged ones, who don’t know how to start living their dreams.

Their goals will work at;
·         Building a successful career in the music and entertainment industry.
·         Becoming a well-recognised and established brand that will eventually be heard by an international audience.
·         Seeing their brand grow big enough to provide entertainment and public support for world renowned business corporations.
·         Depicting and telling the stories of a young and oppressed generation or society through the forms of entertainment and media.
·         Making a return on investment for those who believed in their dreams and aspirations.
·          To create an awareness to the general public on the advantages of a market- orientated economic system and to promote entrepreneurship through the music industry.
Prominent performances
·         September 2009, live performance at LGM sessions, hosted by Substance and, amongst artists such as, Last Day Fam, Substance and Quietude.
·         May 2012, live performance at Meropa Lounge, hosted by Kanivo, amongst artists like Kwesta Mr Cool, F-Eezy, Scavengers, Kick Start and Arch.
·         July 2012, live performance at Kospotong lounge, alongside Black Gold, Scavengers and Kanivo.
·         September 2010, live performance at the Zimeleni School of the Disabled charity event.
·         December 2010, live performance at the Tunokwe Foundation charity event.
·         2010 till present, live performance at O.M Lounge Hip Hop Friday nights, hosted by Oscar Kido Nxumalo.
·         2010-2011 Sound Ground sessions, hosted by Dipapa Disousa.
·         February 2011, live performance at Kensington P.S, hosted by Kensington.
·         May 2011, live performances at Fresh Fridays, hosted by Oscar Kido Nxumalo.

Bookings and contact persons;
Manager: Mr K Mafukata
Cell no. +27 72 949 4505
Mbongiseni Jele
Cell no. +27 72 090 4020

Link for music sample
M.C.T crew ft Kwesta and RoyalBloodUs,
 Izinja Zam

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