Monday, July 30, 2012

GRIND CITY CARTEL brings the Artist "QUICK" to the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

Quick born and raised in Washington D.C South East. Quick was born on june 2, 1981 Gloria Wilder gave birth to Kenneth B Queen also known as Quick. Ever since my mother looked into my eyes and told me "You are going to be a STAR", I have always been on the path of Entertaining. Ever since I first watched Thriller by MJ may he R.I.P... I started to learn dance moves and steps at the age of 3. From that point I knew that Entertaining was my dream and goal in life, to be a Super Star in the Entertainment Business.I dedcided to take a new step in my career when I first herd Run D MC & Areosmith Walk this way, I was into being a rapper so It took me a long time to find my style and craft...There isn't another artist out today that is compared to me,but I do have a lot of artist that I am fan of also I support Music and Hip-Hop. Since 2010 Quick has networked with Gino574, MarnieSide,M-Eighty,LeadAlliance, also worjed with some heavy unsigned producers such as Kajmir Royale,Vybe Beats, Deaf Boy,Lexi Banks,Johnny Juliano,Flash Beats. I have headlined with Platnium Recording Artist Ron Browz, Performed at Club One in Baltimore Maryland twice. My debute mixtape "Ladies Night" is going to be released this summer of 2011 following up with my debute album "Ladies Night" & My solo debute EP Album titled "Enough Said" so be on the look out for those. I have been down the long road to success and still going, but not alone. I am 1/3 member/partner of GRINDCITY CARTEL and my brothers/partners are GINO574, MARNIESIDE. When I linked up with GINO & MARNIE I knew that our team was offical, us three together isn't a force to be messing with cause we all bring somthing new/hot/ and fresh to the table which I call the Cartel Spell. The Ingredients are 1/3 WestCoast 1/3 MidWest & 1/3 EastCoast to TOP it Off with a Bomb called M-Eighty, then you take all your ingredients add them into one pot stir it up and you will get GRINDCITY CARTEL.Currently have Digital Distribution with Island Def Jam and member of Def Jam Music Group.

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