Sunday, July 29, 2012


Bio of DMB = CEO & Recording Artist of Burger-Records:

Rap music has grown into a worldwide economic craze since its birth over 30 years ago. It stretches from every cover of the United States to Japan, to Russia, and every where else imaginable. By no means did it skip Germany and DMB (Dat Muthafucka Burga) is the proof!

DMB / Frank Burger (real name) is from S-DUBB = Schweinfurt “Northern Bavaria” in Germany. He grew up like many listening to rap music and eventually developed the talent himself.

When asked who his biggest influences DMB did not hesitate to give props to the legendary acts RUN DMC, EPMD, X-RAIDED, NWA, SPM & KOOL G RAP just to name a few.

In 2002 DMB took a step further with his passion for rapping and professionally started his record label, “Burger Records.” In 2005 DMB dropped his first solo album Dat Muthafucka Burga which opened up the doors for him as an artist.

In 2007 Ma Passion was the next album to hit the streets.

DMB can rap in German which is to be expected but what is a total shock and amazing is the fact that he also raps in perfect English,in fact 90% of his 3rd album Schorleface. The year was 2009 and German Rapper DMB got ready to come to give the United States a new flavor with Schorleface 

Schorle means a combination of sparkling water & wine and when DMB is sippin’ on that wine he gets a new look…A look of a lyrical assassin! One eye closes up real tight and he is ready to spit some serious heat.

In 2009/2010 DMB made a huge impact on the rap game with already, being featured on the cover of Down Low Magazine out of Washington/Canada. DMB has also worked with legendary artists like X-RAIDED (FREE A. BROWN), BIG MIKE of the GETO BOYS, YUKMOUTH, TOMMY WRIGHT III, ANT BANKS, KOKANE, CELLY CEL, and many more for his actual release BK (Da G-funk Album).. This project was planned to be a straight up G-Funk cd, but after all there is music for everybody into Hip-Hop on it, cause DMB loves all kinda HIP-HOP styles. BK is in stores NOW..

DMB was also part of the US/German colabo album called DOPEGAME / RAPGAME in 2010..

Right now DMB is working on his new project called KNOCK OUT MUZIK, which will have a few more guest like WC, THA REALEST & C-SICCNESS on it, but most of the songs will be DMB Solo tracks. This album will be produced by the world famous TRACK PROS & Germanys next top producer = B-DUBB. 

DMB will also be on the front cover of the upcoming summer issue of DOWN MAGAZINE.

Be on the lookout & keep rising!


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