Sunday, July 29, 2012

Danny Fantom is ready to release with his song "Head High" on the Global Warning Mixtape Series

From the outside Danny may seem like just another average teen. Raised in the hills of Worcester Mass he was exposed to diversity, hardship, and plenty of failure throughout his life. Gaining inspiration from childhood cartoons and videogames DannyFantom found himself in a trance when discovering Charles Hamilton aka Sonic the Hamilton, a rap artist who embodied everything Danny was seeking to achieve. Shortly thereafter he cemented himself as a member of the local hip hop group The Grand Arkanum soon after the group formed. While building a buzz with TGA, DannyFantom has performed with the likes of Akrobatik, B. Dolan, and the originator for the sub genre (NerdCore) MC Frontalot as well as countless other local artists coming out of Massachusetts. Through his inspirational, and sometimes comical, rhymes The Fantom appeals to the masses ranging from old school flows, to more modern upbeat hip hop. Raised with a strong set of morals and plenty of manga and anime he never found it hard to stay true to himself. Growing up in a very close-knit multicultural family DannyFantom spreads a message of positivity throughout his music.

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