Sunday, July 29, 2012

Contageous brings the CURE to the Global Warning Mixtape Series!

“You have to know good music to make good music” is a motto that Contageous, better known as Funktageous, lives by. Fondly referred to as “Funk,” Contageous has been pumping out music since the tender age of 8. Having first become acquainted with various music styles as a DJ in the tri state, Contageous developed a keen ear for good music in order to please a crowd. This skill eventually led Contageous to begin creating music of his own. As a student of the Institute of Audio Research, Contageous’ passion and keen ear for music was further cultivated and refined. This formal training also assisted him in acquiring the requisite business savvy necessary to be successful in the music industry.

Through much blood, sweat, and tears, Contageous positioned himself to become the next up and coming Hip Hop impresario. A lyricist, writer, producer and engineer, Contageous is also the founder and CEO of his own independent record label, Real Street Enterprises. With three albums under his belt-- “Key 2 Life”, “Dedicated”, and “Convict 2 Corporate”—which were all self-produced, self-mixed and self-mastered, Contageous is set to release his fourth album on November 22nd aptly titled, “The Cure,” also on Real Street Enterprises. This latest album is acclaimed to be a lyrical masterpiece because of Contageous’ unique blend of his exclusive beats, which prominently feature the trumpet and violin, with poignant lyrics that are relatable to individuals from all walks of life. 

In sum, Contageous is an exceptionally talented music producer who always strives to think outside the box and is recognized by many for his ability to flawlessly wear various hats in the music industry. His ability to genuinely put forth his real life passions and struggles is a musical gift that is undoubtedly present in his songs. To that end, Contageous’ love and passion for music is still evident and unrelenting on his latest musical project and will undoubtedly be even more prevalent in future projects to come.

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